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Flights to Evreux

Flights to Evreux will take you to the chief town of the department of Eure. Evreux is a reputed commercial and market center. Despite being a small town, Evreux is dotted with a number of tourist attractions that will not disappoint even the first time visitors. provides you with all the requisite data on the flights to Evreux and on air travel to Evreux, France.

Evreux flights are the most comfortable way to take a trip to this fascinating and charming place. During your sojourn in Evreux, you can explore a number of popular sites among which the Cathedral of Notre Dame deserves special mention. The cathedral will impress you in a number of ways. The stained glass dating back to the 16th century and the exquisitely wrought grilles dating back to the Renaissance period will leave the visitors impressed. You would also love to pay a visit to the Bishop’s Palace that incorporates the Municipal Museum. There is one quaint clock tower that can be traced back to the closing decade of the fifteenth century. Another popular tourist highlight of the place is the former abbey church of St. Taurin.


Cheap Flights to Evreux

Evreux is located in the Iton valley and is visited by a considerable number of tourists. Evreux has a number of tourist attractions the Evreux Cathedral, Hotel de Ville and Eglise Saint-Taurin need special mention. Accommodation is not an issue in Evreux. Evreux has a number of hotels, big and small, to suit every pocket. If you are a food enthusiast, you will have enough to feast your taste buds on. Evreux boasts of a number of reputed restaurants that rustle up some of the yummiest dishes.

There are regular Evreux cheap flights that arrive to and depart from the airport on a regular basis. There are a number of places that is well-connected to Evreux by the cheap flights to Evreux. The best part about the cheap flights is that they facilitate economical travel. Evreux has its own airport that is well-equipped with all the modern amenities that are capable of catering to the travel requirements of the passengers.
One of the major tourist highlights of Evreux is the Evreux Cathedral that has been serving as the seat of the bishops of Evreux since its foundation. The earliest portion of the chief building can be traced back to the eleventh century and is Gothic in character. The Lady Chapel along with its stained glass, rose windows and exquisitely carved windows need special mention.