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Flights to Dijon

France has always been one of the foremost choices of travelers all around the world. If you are planning a holiday out in Europe, France turns out to be a tempting option. A visit to the city of Dijon will be certainly an engaging experience for anyone interested in delving deep into the rich history of the place. There happens to be a huge number of Flights to France. The Flights to Dijon are of varied types and anyone can enjoy some nice traveling experience as well.

Dijon, a city in this country, was the historical capital of Burgundy from the early part of 11th century to the latter part of 15th century. Wealth and power ruled the city at that point of time and it was a cultural major center in France in the field of art, science and learning. The churches, cathedrals and ancient monuments are the major points of attraction in this city. The city is famous for two of the most significant appetizing ingredients - the mustard and wine.

Longvic AB Airport or Dijon-Bourgogne Airport is the main airport of Dijon. It is a perfect gateway to the beautiful city of Dijon. At BP 25 Longvic, Cote d'Or, Burgundy lies this airport of Dijon. It connects to most of the key European cities as well as the cities in the Mediterranean basin and North America.

The airport offers the following services as well:

  • Car rental
  • Car parking
  • Airport parking (in all major airports of U.K)
  • ATM
  • Restaurant
  • Information desk
  • Baggage inquiries
  • Medical assistance

Dijon being a city with a deep history to delve into has a lot of beautiful structures which are sure to draw your attention. The Dijon Cathedral, Ducal Palace and the Palace of the Dukes and the Estates of Burgundy are some of the places of interest in the small town of Dijon in Burgundy.