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Flights to Cognac

Flights to Cognac will transport you to a peaceful countryside that surrounds the Charente River which is about one hundred miles north of Bordeaux. A major portion of this fascinating town is located on the left bank of the Charente River. The town falls in the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostella. proffers all the needful info on Cognac Flights.

Cognac is picturesque town steeped in medievalism. The Renaissance style buildings along with the cobbled streets transport one to the days of the yore. Cognac never fails to impress its visitors. There are a number of tourist attractions in Cognac that act as popular tourist draws. A visit to La Rochelle is a must. The place is renowned for its pretty old harbor and three magnificent towers that date back to the medieval period. The place is reminiscent of the good times once spent. Porte de la Grosse Horloge is an impressive piece of architecture that would appeal to the aesthetic sense of the art connoisseur. The waterways of “Marais Poitevin” are yet another popular attraction of Cognac. The man made canals will leave you spell-bound. Angouleme is the towering hill that offers panoramic views of the valley.

Cheap Flights to Cognac

You must not feel surprised to know that Cognac is a travel destination for not only the discerning leisure tourists but the business travelers too. The truly attractive tourist spots of the city that are worth mentioning include Château des Valois – a premiere middle age trading post, exquisite The Saint-Léger church, The musée d'Art et d'Histoire – a museum with rich collection on art and histroy and The Saint-Gobain glassworks and barrel works. For the business travelers major pulls are production of agricultural machinery, Agricultural industries, Distillation products, Glassmaking, Packaging and Transport among others. It is the contribution of these factors that traveleres in huge number flock to this city. And a considerable growth has been noticed since Cognac cheap flights are introduced.

Most of the flights to Cognac arrive at the Chateaubernard Airport which is essentially a military base. It is situated around 2.8 km south of the city of Cognac. Being an important French Air Force base, this airport is well known for its prior plans and extensive arrangements that are implemented in advance to escape even the minutest of problems. This airport is served by the private and charter flights extensively. So in order to avail cheap flights to Cognac you need to look at such airlines which offer private and chartered flight services. Availing tickets for these flights will not be difficult because a good provision has been done to facilitate your journey to the city.