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Flights to Chauvigny

Chauvigny is a pretty busy market town located at a distance of twenty kilometers east of the Poitiers. Chauvigny does not exactly fit the bill of a fascinating tourist destination but it has a unique appeal and characteristic charm. One of the easiest and comfortable modes of transportation is flights to Chauvigny. serves as your indispensable travel guide proffering usable inputs on air travel to Chauvigny, France.

Flights to Chauvigny will take you to an old town that is renowned for its five medieval castles. Due to negligence and lack of maintenance, the once magnificent castles are now in a dilapidated condition. One of the most popular landmarks of the place is the Romanesque Church of St. Pierre. The ruins of Chateau Baronnial also top the list of the tourists. Chateau Baronnial initially belonged to the bishops of Poitiers. The Church of St. Pierre is also renowned for its choir capitals that, according to many, are a visual treat. If you happen to be in Chauvigny on a Thursday, you would not mind devoting an extra few hours to explore the Thursday market. If you pride yourself on being a food connoisseur, you will love the mouth-watering assortment of dishes that include oysters, prawns, crayfish and cheeses galore.

Cheap Flights to Chauvigny

Chauvigny is a lively and animated town. Its main sources of earnings are lime burning and plaster production, stone pits and wool and feather trading. As it has so many business prospects open so various business travelers keep on frequenting this city for monetary gains. Besides, the leisure tourists are enthralled by the beauty and glory of the landscapes of this city. Here, they get to see and enjoy eye soothing sites and many recreational activities. With every passing day a considerable growth has been noticed in the travelers’ footfalls. And this is credited not only to the beauty and importance of the city but to the introduction of Chauvigny Cheap Flights too.

The Flights to Chauvigny arrive at Chauvigny Airport. This is a busy airport of the city located at a favorable distance from the main city center. Its runway is 2400 feet / 732 meters. Major flights operate to and from this airport. Great attention has been paid to the needs and requirements of the travelers owing to which travelers opt for air travel to the city. Also, as eminent airlines operate from this airport so finding cheap flights to Chauvigny has become an easy task.