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Flights to Calvi

Calvi is a flourishing town in France that boasts of a certain degree of popularity in terms of tourism. Flights to Calvi are the best and the most comfortable option of visiting Calvi. Calvi enjoys popularity on the virtue of being home to the expert regiment of the French foreign legion. is your one-stop guide for all that you wanted to know on flights to Calvi and on air travel to Calvi, France.

Calvi has earned the reputation among the tourists as a popular beach resort. If you are a self-confessed beach lover, then you would love to revel in the cool turquoise water of the Golfe de Calvi. The towering and snow-topped Monte Cinto, about 20 kms inland provides a picturesque background. Many tourists visiting Calvi settle for Ile Rousse, as their favorite retreat. It is a vibrant and bustling beach resort that was established in 1758 by Pasquale Paoli. Among the popular activities that the visitors like to engage in at Calvi are enchanting boat excursions to the seaside ports of Galeria and Girolta.

Cheap Flights to Calvi

Calvi is basically visited for its picturesque destinations and remains an inevitable halt in the itinerary of the traveler. Its delicious cuisine and culture is rather a blend of the French and the Italian. It is visited by a large number of tourists every year due to the availability of the various cheap flights to Calvi.

To meet the requirements of the huge inflow of the tourists every year there is a fine airport that serves the town of Calvi. St Catherine Airport is the airport that serves a large number of flights that land and take-off from Calvi. Some of the esteemed airlines that operate their flights to and from this particular airport are:
  • Air France
  • CCM Airlines
  • Lauda Air
  • thomsonfly
  • TUIfly
Calvi is known for its beautiful location on the outskirts of France and is a great place to spend vacations away from the din and bustle of the city. Having once been a military base of the French during World War II, Calvi has retained a distinct feel of that period. Now it is a growing town with various souvenir shops and lots of boutiques as well.