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Flights to Bastia

France, a country with a strong legacy of rich tradition and culture of numerous years has seen various ups and downs, its expressions finding their way through a variety of art forms, be it performing arts or tangible arts and crafts. A dream destination for many across the world, France draws several tourists throughout the year. The Flights to France are of numerous options. Bastia, one of the favorable tourist destinations, is a place with history and culture. The Flights to Bastia are equally varied and offer good services to all and sundry.

Founded way back the year 1380 by the Genoese, the city of Bastia is situated on the northeastern coast of Corsica. The various tourism interests of the city of Bastia include the beautiful churches, monuments, museums, etc. The Museum of Corsica is one such attraction that has its own appeal. The wonderful old ports, old houses with balconies flaunting wrought iron railings, are some of the best sights of the city. The cultural centers and musical performances are worth experiencing. Apart from the sightseeing spots of the city, the cuisine here is special and treats every guest with utmost hospitality.

The main airports at Bastia are:

  • Bastia Poretta
  • Calvi Sainte Catherine

Bastia Poretta is the ideal gateway to the beautiful city of Bastia. Landing here gives you the right opportunity to explore the beauties of the place. Airlines operating from this airport are:

  • British Airways
  • Air France
  • Air Linair
  • Germanwings
  • Lufthansa
  • Itali Airlines
  • Luxair
  • CCM Airlines
Some of the important airlines from the U.K:

  • Excel Airways
  • Astraeus Airways
  • British European
Calvi Sainte Catherine is the other airport serving Bastia. The following airlines operate here:

  • Air France
  • CCM Airlines
  • Regional
  • Transavia
  • Air Glacier
  • Tuifly
  • Lufthansa
Bastia being a city with a long history has a lot of ancient structures and monuments which are sure to attract your attention. The churches, streets, buildings - everything has individuality and a certain degree of magnetism.

The Flights to Bastia cater the needs of thousands of travelers from all corners of the world. Be it from any part of the world, you will have absolutely no problem reaching this wonderful city.