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Villefranche, Nice is a busy metropolis of an equally busy part of the Côte d'Azur. Its vintage old town, long sun-kissed beaches, the lazuline seas and chic terrace cafés and restaurants, all amalgamate to form a beautiful place drawing in a large number of travelers who generally come down all the way from Nice after they are done with their rendezvous with the French city.
It was in 1295, when Charles d'Anjou created the port, which remained a significant one until the port of Nice came into being in the 18th century. Till date the protected deep-water bay alias the Rade de Villefranche remains the best part of the coast fringing the entire region.
So, planning an Excursion to Villefranche from Nice? There are both road and rail routes to take you to the doorstep of Villefranche in no time. Being on the main railway route of Nice-Monaco-Menton-Ventimiglia, it is not difficult at all to come across frequent trains to the place; Or else, avail of the frequent service of the Nice-Monaco-Menton bus line.

Once at Villefranche near Nice, France, soak in the atmosphere of the Old Town overlooking the crystal azure Mediterranean Sea. Its intricately paved streets and lanes with travelers and few locals lazying around and marveling at its serene surroundings will tell how popular the place is, when Villefranche Nice Tourism is taken into account. Take a stroll along the Promenade des Marinieres stretches that encircles the waterfront along the north side of the bay and do visit the massively walled citadel that houses the Town Hall, a convention center, three museums and an open air theater- all under one roof. This fortress was built 1557 by the Duke of Savoy, Emmanuel Philibert, and forms an integral part of the Nice Tours.

hills surrounding Villefranche with Mont-Leuze at the backdrop. Some other landmarks that you must include in your travel schedule during the excursion are:
  • The 14th Century Chapelle Saint-Pierre
  • Fort of Mont Alban, overlooking the Cap Ferrat
  • Plateau Saint-Michel
The Excursion to Villefranche can bring you many other pleasures as well. You will come to unravel different facets of the Bay of Angels in Nice, Cap d'Antibes and the Mountains of Corsica far away near the distant horizon.

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