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How to Reach Marseille by Rail

Marseille is one of the most populous commune in France and it is also the third largest metropolitan area. There is a small fishing village which lies to the east of Marseille and the village is called Callelongue. The village runs upto Cassis and has a beauty of its own. The Sainte-Baume mountain ridge is also located in Marseille. You can also find the Mont Saint Victoire in Marseille and is a must visit for the travelers.
How to Reach Marseille by Rail
One of the important tourist attractions in Marseille is the Vieux Port where you can find two large ports called the Fort St Nicholas and Fort St Jean. There is also the Frioul Archipelago in Marseille where you can come across four exotic islands. Among them the most well known is that of 'If' which has shot to fame because of the novel of Alexander Dumas called The Count of Monte Cristo. There are a lot of flights which take you to Marseille and there are also a good network of freeways and roads connecting Marseilles to some of the neighboring French cities. If you are interested to know about How to Reach Marseille by Rail read on.

How to Reach Marseille by Rail is a very important question that can be in the mind of the travelers. There will be a good number of tourists who will like to move to the place in an enjoyable train journey. The Main Railway Station of Marseille is the Gare de Marseille Saint-Charles Railway Station where trains reach from a number of domestic destinations like Boudreaux, Nice and Toulouse. On Tours at Marseille you can also reach Marseille by train from Barcelona. Trains are frequent and chances are you will get a train in very one hour.

How to Reach Marseille by Rail is nothing to worry about because the Gare de Marseille Saint-Charles Railway Station acts as a main terminal station for the TGV which is one of the fastest train services in France. This helps in reaching Marseille from Paris in only 3 hours. If you are wondering How to Reach Marseille by Rail in France from Roissy then to your convenience the TGV Rail Service takes you to Marseille in 3 hours and 35 minutes.From Lyon you can reach for Marseille in 1 hrs and 30 minutes. It is also convenient to reach Marseille from Lille on France Tours as it takes only 4 hrs and 30 minutes.