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How to Reach Marseille

Marseille is one of the important centers of art and history in France and there are a number of good galleries and museums. You can also come across a number of ancient buildings and churches in the region. One of the main attractions in Marseille is the old port or Vieux Port.
How to Reach Marseille
There are two important forts near the port called Fort St Nicolas and Fort Saint Jean. The Phare de Sainte Marie is one of the Majestic lighthouses and is located on the inlet of the Old Port. Some other important attractions are La Vieille Charite, The Central Bourse, The Musee d'Histoire and the Palais de La Bourse. To know about How to Reach Marseille read on.

How to Reach Marseille is a question that appears in the mind of all the travelers who want to visit this place. However, to their utter delight there is a plethora of opportunities to reach Marseille during the France Tours. There is an international airport in Marseille called the Marseille Provence Airport and it is situated in Marignane. There are two terminals in the airport and flights from different international as well as domestic destinations arrive at Marseille. You also have a shuttle coach facility which connects the airport with the Gare de Marseille Saint-Charles railway station.

There can be also a lot of queries regarding How to Reach Marseille by train. The main station is the Gare de Marseille Saint-Charles from where you can avail regional services to places like Bordeaux, Toulouse and Nice. You can also have access from Barcelona to Marseille. TGV one of the premier train services in France operates to this railway station and you can reach the destination from Paris in just 3 hours.

If you are also pondering deeply about How to Reach Marseille in France then to your convenience there is a long distance bus terminal and it lies close to the Gare Saint Charles station. There are bus services from the Aix-en-Provence to Marseille and there are also services from places like Cassics, Aubagne and La Ciotat.