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Brevent Cable Car

Brevent Cable Car,Brevent Cable Car in Chamonix in France,Tourist Attractions in Chamonix,Chamonix Tours Brevent Cable Car is held as one of the important Tourist Attractions in Chamonix. A journey over the French Alps, over the various summits of the mountain range not only mesmerizes a tourist but at the same time leaves a deep and unforgettable impact on the tourists mind. It has been observed that the best view of the mountain can be best viewed from the Brevent Cable cars.
Brevent Cable Car
On a journey to Brevent from Chamonix in Brevent cable cars, you will be traversing an area on an altitude of 2525 meters. The two south-facing areas over the Mont Blanc range give the tourists an opportunity to enjoy some beautiful views of the surrounding areas. Brevent Cable Cars in Chamonix in France has been a major tourist attraction also because of the fact that tourists get to view most of the mountainous area from the top, which gives a clear idea about the area and the mountains and it peaks. Brevent cable car offers the best views of the Mont-Blanc massif. A round trip for an adult pedestrian costs about 18 Euros.

The Brévent ski station is situated at the closest distance from the centre of Chamonix. The hill from Chamonix centre to the bottom station is steep to walk up. Tourists are advised to walk in ski boots while touring around Chamonix and the nearby mountainous areas which are regarded as the best ski areas in the French Alps.


The Brevent area near Chamonix is a good place to ski specifically for ski experts and the intermediate. The area has little and limited opportunity for beginners. The Charles Bozon that runs from Brevent to Plan Praz appears to be challenging for the advanced skiers. Every year, in the end of February, Le Brévent hosts the Red Bull Extreme Skiing competition. High cliff jumps add excitement to the whole competition and this attracts some of the best skiers from all over the world.