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Bellevue Cable Car

Bellevue Cable Car,Bellevue Cable Car in Chamonix in France,Tourist Attractions in Chamonix,Chamonix Tours A tour on the Bellevue Cable Car along the mountain range gives the tourists an amazing experience and is also considered as one of the important Tourist Attractions in Chamonix. A journey over the French Alps, over the various summits of the mountain range not only mesmerizes a tourist but at the same time leaves a deep and unforgettable impact on the tourists' mind. It has been observed that tourists can enjoy the best view of the mountain from the Bellevue Cable cars.

While in Les Houches the tourists can take the Bellevue cable car to get an awesome view of the Chamonix valley, with Mont Blanc on one side and Brevent on the other side. A short walk from the point where the cable car leaves you, is the spot from where tourists get to see the other side of the mountain towards St. Gervais, Sallanches and the glacier de Bionnassay.

The cost of a trip on the Bellevue Cable Car in Chamonix in France costs you around 13 euros.

From Prarion, The Bellevue area is a 5-10 minutes walk. Here you will also find the Cyprien Sports shop which provides ski products on hire. Near the Bellevue area there are also some local ski schools.

Apart from skiing, at Bellevue, tourists can also enjoy shopping and can indulge themselves in merry making and fun. Le Prarion, La Bellevue, Le Centre and St-Antoine, are the most visited areas that lie on the main road that runs through Les Houches and connects Les Houches to several skiing spots like Bellevue and Brevent. Bellevue Cable Cars in Chamonix in France has been a major tourist attraction because from here the tourists get to view the mountainous area from the top, which gives a clear idea about the area and the mountains and it peaks.