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Aiguille du Midi Cable Car

Lying at the foot of Mont Blanc, the Chamonix valley unfolds vividly the French Alps which make up the trump card of tourism industry in Chamonix. While the Alps are a climber's delight, those who cannot claim to be so needn't worry either;
Aiguille du Midi Cable Car
cables cars form important tourist attractions in Chamonix and are quite popular since they let you have a bird's eye view of the Alpine panorama without taxing your muscles in the least. The Aiguille du Midi cable car takes you from Chamonix valley to the Les Pelerins glacier.

The Aiguille du Midi Cable Car in Chamonix in France has its starting point at the centre of Chamonix. The journey is divided into two stages. The first phase takes the visitors up to the Plan de l'Aiguille (2300m) and the second stage traverses up to the Les Pelerins glacier where the glacier rises upwards to the North Face. In summer you stand high chance of spotting climbers on their way up the North face towards the Aiguille summit. From the top station (3842m) of the Aiguille du Midi Cable Car near Chamonix in Europe the view of the Alps is simply put- incredible. The station terraces offer picturesque glimpses of the Swiss, French and Italian Alps. If the sky is clear, one can spot from the top station, the Matterhorn, Mt Rosa and the Grand Combin. The Gourmet restaurant located at the top station has been aptly named 3842 and is one of the highest restaurants in the world. Enjoying gourmet and local food with steaming coffee at this restaurant with the Alpine vista basking all around you, is a heavenly experience.

An elevator inside top station takes you up the final 42m to reach the top terrace that stands at an altitude of 3842m and this is the closest view one can get of the Mount Blanc summit without climbing.


The Aiguille du Midi lift is the brainchild of two Swiss engineers who first thought of it in 1905. Their wantede to link the hamlet of Les Pelerins with the summit of l'Aiguille du Midi with a lift; however, the project was met with technical problems and was abandoned. Four years later Funicular Railways, a French company, made a new attempt that resulted into the opening of the first section Les Pelerins - La Para in 1924.

The second section of La Para - Les Glaciers was finally completed three years later making it the then highest cable car in the world. With the outbreak of the Second World War and the opening of the Planpraz to Brevent cable car service, the popularity of the Aiguille du Midi Cable Car diminished and was closed down in 1951and an Italian engineer Count Dino Lora Totino was entrusted with the rebuilding and extension of the cable car. It took four years and a lot of hard work to make Aiguille du Midi Cable Car its lost grace. The cable car was finally entirely renovated in 1991.

Plan de l'Aiguille (2354) is the mid station for the cable car and is popular as an ideal starting point for hikers and climbers. Mountaineers who want to reach the Mt Blanc summit begin the climbing at this point via the Grands Mulets Glacier. For a taste of safe adventure you can walk from the Plan d'Aiguille to the Montenvers train station and from there take the train back to Chamonix. Do not forget to take a peek at the postcard and souvenir shops at the Aiguille du Midi Cable Car stations before you make your way downwards.