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Visit to the town of Albertville is one of the fascinating Excursions from Chamonix. The commune belongs to the department of Savoie and lies to the southeast of France. Being located in the Alps in France, Albertville was the venue for the Winter Olympics in the year 1992. Due to the mesmerizing scenery that it has to offer, the tourists mainly visit Albertville from Chamonix.

The journey from Chamonix to Albertville is a fascinating experience. The latter lies along River Arly and is also located near the point where the Arly joins the River Isère. The altitude of Albertville varies from 345 to 2,037 meters above sea level.

The mountains that are nearest to Albertville in France, Europe are the Beaufortain, the Bauges, and the Vanoise. The other mountains that lie in this part of the world are Dent de Conse, Belle Etoile, Roche Pourrie, Négresse, Mirantin, Chaîne du Grand Arc, and Pointe de la Grande Journée.

The city of Albertville originated in the year 1836 when it was founded by Charles Albert who was a ruler from Sardinia. In those days, Albertville also consisted of the town of Conflans, which had buildings belonging to the 14th century.

From that time onwards, Albertville has developed trade relations with other parts of France, as well as with other nations belonging to the European Union like Italy and Switzerland.

The hydroelectric power that is generated from the rivers and the paper mills constitute the main industries in Albertville. Besides, Albertville also has significance in the fields of history and art which gave it the name of the Town of art and history in the year 2003.

The Winter Olympics of 1992 were held in the region of Savoie and hence Albertville was the main host of the occasion. Though some of the venues of sports were later taken up for other activities, some of them still remain. Among these, the ice rink that has been designed by an architect named Jacques Kalisz is the most important.

With such significance, Albertville is a nice place to visit from Chamonix.