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Chamonix Tours

Chamonix Tours consist of a number of breathtakingly beautiful tourist attractions in Chamonix, a French city. Chamonix is a city that is located in the eastern part of France and is an exotic hill station at the foot of the sublime Mont Blanc. The scenic beauty of this city is the major attraction that lures a huge number of travelers to this city each year.

Chamonix Tours mainly consists of the magnificent resorts here. There are a number of winter resorts in Chamonix. These resorts located in between Les Houches and Argentiere and along the exotic valley of Vallee de Chamonix, include, Les Tines and Argentiere, Les Bossons and many others. Chamonix is a major winter travel destination in France. This was the city that hosted the first Winter Olympics in the year 1924. A number of places perfect for skiing and other mountain adventure sports have made Chamonix one of the most charted travel spots in entire France.

There are a number of sightseeing attractions in Chamonix, France. While the major attractions of this hilly city is the vast expanse of the pristine white beds of glaciers and the river Arve that cuts through the mountain valley of Mont Blanc, there are also several other attractions in this city. There is a fascinating Alpine Museum in Chamonix that will quench the knowledge thirst of inquisitive travelers. There are also the mountain Cable Car rides that travelers can take while experiencing some of the breathtaking scenic beauty of this mountain city in France. Other travel attractions that Chmonix Tours include are the St. Michel Church and the Ice skating rink. In fact, Chamonix can boast of some of the major ice skating rinks in the world that have ample challenges for the experts to experience. This city also offers good mountaineering options. Pragliding, canoying and rafting are some of the other adventure sports that the travelers here can participate in.