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Savoisien Museum

The Savoisien Museum, Chambery is located within a Franciscan convent, and is one of the major tourist attractions in Chambery and an important name among the museums in Chambery. Chambery has centuries of history behind it; a history that has enriched and for the most part framed the culture, the landscape, and understandably the tourism industry prospects of the city.
Savoisien Museum
The Savoisien Museum in Chambery in France is home to many historically significant artifacts. The exhibits at the Savoisien Museum in Chambery in Europe understandably have their focus primarily on the history of the Savoie region, and also the surrounding areas. At the museum you can find exhibits on archaeology, history and arts, ethnogrophy, and a World War II Memorial.

At the Savoisien Museum, Chambery you can enjoy guided tours for a fee added to the entry fee. Guided tours are quite helpful and recommended since that would help you gauge the historical incidents of the region better if you are not that well versed in the same. Chambery has been since the 13th century from 1295 to 1563, the historical capital of the Savoy region when Amadeus V of Savoy making Chambery his seat of power. The history of Chambery has thus always been very closely linked to the House of Savoy


During the time when Chambery was its capital, the Savoy kingdom encompassed a region that stretched from Bourg-en-Bresse in the west, across the Alps to Turin, northwards to Geneva, and southwards up to Nice. Eventually, to protect Savoy from provocations and attacks by France, Duke Emmanuel Philibert moved his capital in 1563 to Turin, and, consequently, the fate of Chambery declined.

While at the peak of fame, Savoyard weapons were highly respected all over Europe and many of Europe's mightiest armies fetched their weapons from Savoy. The Savoisien Museum has a nice collection of these weapons and is a must visit place on Chambery tours.