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Natural History Museum

Chambery is an ancient town and has been the capital of the Savoy region in France since the 13th century. The museums in Chambery are quite a few in number and constitute an important chunk of tourist attractions in Chambery. The Natural History Museum located at the Avenue de Lyon in Chambery is quite popular among tourists visiting Chambery.
Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum in Chambery in France is home to exhibitions that feature rare botanical, geological, and zoological specimens. Among the displays in the museum are a Lebanon cedar, female gingko, a huge Laricio pine tree, and a botanical garden with picturesque rose flower beds of various species.

The Natural History Museum in Chambery in Europe is one of the more popularly visited museums in the town of Chambery. The specimens that are displayed at the museum have been collected from the local area and also from all over Europe and the world. These have been classified into human, animal, mineral and plant life sections. The Natural History Museum is particularly well known for its botanical collection that is kept in the permanent collection section of the museum.

The Chambery Pass available at the tourist office of Chambery also enables the tourists to enter the museum at concession. The rose bed garden at the museum is at full bloom almost round the year and makes for excellent photography subjects. Entering the Natural History Museum in Chambery without a camera would be sacrilege.