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Mont Granier

Mont Granier is an interesting tourist attraction in Chambery. Tourists who are planning to take a tour to Chambery must make it a point to visit the Mont Granier.
Mont Granier
Mont Granier, Chambery is known for its natural beauty. The Mont Granier is one of the most notable peaks in the French Alps which lies in the Savoie region. Mont Granier in Chambery overlooks the Gresivaudan combe valley. The Mont Granier cliff is about 900 meters in altitude and is considered the highest peak in France.

The formation of the Mont Granier has a history of its own and as it is said by the local people, the famous peak of Mont Granier emerged high sometime around 24th or 25th November in the year 1248. The formation took place due to a massive landslide that removed a portion of the mountain.

Mont Granier in Chambery in France in Europe is a limestone mountain. The mountain also has a network of tunnels and caves that has been formed due to the erosion caused by water.


A trek around the mountain ranges gives the tourists a life time experience. The beauty of the mountain and the surrounding areas is something to experience and this experience mesmerizes a tourist. The surrounding mountainous area also offers excellent ski spots for the skiers. The mountains are visited by skiers in large numbers during the winter season, when there a number of ski competitions are organized.

Chambery is well connected to all the major cities of France by rail and road. A tour to Chambery remains incomplete without a visit to the Mont Granier. Chambery is a place that has a lot to offer to the tourists with its awesome landscape and natural beauty. A sightseeing tour around Chambery is worth embarking upon.