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Croix du Nivolet

Croix du Nivolet, Chambery is an interesting and one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Chambery. Tourists who are on Chambery Tours should make it a point to visit the Croix du Nivolet.

Croix du Nivolet was inaugurated on 15th September in the year 1861 by Bishop Vibert. gives detailed online information about the Croix du Nivolet and some important information on Chambery Tours. With the creation of the Avenue du Comte Vert, the Crois du Nivolet in Chambery in France in Europe came into existence. Count Louis de Fernex Montgex gives the approval of moving the cross to a location which makes it visible from the cluse Chambery. On this agreement the location of the Cross was chosen at the Nivolet. The Croix du Nivolet is a steel cross which is covered with tin. In the year 1867, the arms of the cross were lengthened by a meter. In the year 1872, the lining of the cross was changed.

The Croix du Nivolet, Chambery has also stood the test of time and has managed to survive the hurricane that had hit Chambery in the year 1909, with only a bend to the structure. After this, there was a committee set which proposed to build another cross which would be a concrete cross and will be covered with aluminum plates. The height of the Croix du Nivolet is 21.50 m, it lies 5 m deep inside the soil, 2 m in circumference and weighs 70 tons. Finally, the Croix du Nivolet was inaugurated in the year 1911 by Vicar General Gavillet.

Chambery is an interesting tourist destination with numerous natural and architectural attractions. The natural beauty of the place with mountains all around is worth watching and the architectural brilliance that is portrayed in the buildings of the city is commendable.

Chambery can be easily reached by rails and roads from any parts of France. The city is well connected to almost all parts of France.