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Chateau de Chambery

Chateau de Chambery is an interesting tourist attraction in Chambery. Tourists who are planning to take a tour to Chambery must make it a point to visit the Chateau de Chambery.
Chateau de Chambery
Chambéry is the capital of the department of Savoie in France. Chambery has remained the historical capital of the Savoy region since the time when Amadeus V of Savoy made this place his seat of power in the 13th century.

The first counts of Savoy settled into a fortress that already existed since 1285. The same fortress was expanded in the 14th century, which was used as a residence and at the same time acted as the seat of power and administration, and as a fortified defensive structure for the House of Savoy. Chateau de Chambery was a strong enough fortification which was capable of resisting an attack. The function of the Château soon became obsolete.


With constant French hostilities to handle, the Duke Emmanuel Philibert decided to remove his capital from Chambery to Turin. With this event, the chateau stood only as an administrative center till 1640, when Christine of France, Duchess of Savoy, came back to hold court. The construction of the Chambery de Château in France in Europe had been done in many stages. In the year 1786, a Royal Wing was added to the edifice by Victor Amadeus III. Under the rule of Napoleon, the Aile du Midi which is also referred to as the "South Wing", was rebuilt, restored and redecorated and which later housed the imperial prefecture of the department of Mont-Blanc. Later, in the year 1860, when France annexed Savoy, the structure was modified significantly.

At present, the political administration of the department of Savoy is housed in the Chateau de Chambery.