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Charmettes Museum

Charmettes Museum, Chambery is one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Chambery. Tourists who are on Chambery Tours should make it a point to visit the Charmettes Museum in Chambery.
Charmettes Museum
The site where Jean-Jacques Rousseau spent his time with Madame de Warens from the year 1736 to 1742 is the site where today the Charmettes Museum stands. The Charmettes Museum in Chambery in France showcases various aspects of the writer's life. The surrounding area of the museum is also worth a visit as it has a large French-styled garden which is full of medicinal herbs, as well as vegetables and fruit trees. The house was restored in the 18th century.

The Charmettes Museum is located at a distance of few kilometers outside Chambery, but is worth a visit. A visit to this museum helps the tourists to know a lot about the life of the famous philosopher Rousseau. People who have a knack to know about the life of the philosopher or takes avid interest in knowing about the philosopher and his works must visit this museum.


A tour to this museum is specifically organized by the tour operators during the summers. Another interesting thing about the Charmettes Museum, Chambery is that it organizes musical events for the entertainment of the guests.

The city of Chambery is also interesting and an amazing holiday destination. The natural beauty of the city attracts tourists from all over the world. The scenery of the place is beautiful and it mesmerizes every traveler who visits the city. The city of Chambery stands magnificently with its natural beauty and its glorious past and rich history. This city is a tourist's paradise with a lot to offer to all those who visits Chambery.