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Chambery Tourist Attractions

Chambery is located in the Rhone-Alpes region of southeast France. The city is part of the department of Savoe. Chambery is famous for being the cultural and historical capital of the Savoy from 13th century. The metropolitan area of Chambery has an estimated population of around 125,000 inhabitants. The place is accessible from Paris and Turin. Chambery tourist attraction consists of castles, historical sites, and ancient monuments that draw a significant number of people every year. Chambery attractions can be a part of your tour.

About Chambery tourist attractions
Chambery is a city in France that is popular among international tourists for its old streets, traditional buildings, castles, and few museums. Considered as an historical city just like Vitre, Chambery offers tourists accommodation, tours, and sightseeing packages.

Château de Chambéry
Chateau de Chambery served as an administrative office, seat of power, and residence of the House of Savoy. This 14th century fortress was constructed during 1285. It was expanded to serve the House of Savoy. The great mansion suffered several invasions and French hostilities. Duke Emmanuel Philibert fearing a siege moved the administrative division to Turin.

During 1640, Dutchess of Savoy, Christine Marie, used the chateau to hold court. It also became the wedding venue of for Victor Amdeus II and Anne Marie, niece of Louis XIV. IN 1786, Victor Amadeus III expanded the fortress and added the Royal Wing. The Royal Wing is preserved until today and is an interesting feature of the Chateau de Chambery. Presently, a part of the castle houses the department of Savoy or Savoie and is open for public viewing and concerts.

Fontaine des Éléphants
The Fontaine des Éléphants is called Elephants Fountain. It is among the top Chambery tourist attraction built in 1838. It was built in honor of Benoît de Boigne's achievements when he was in India.

The main attractions of the Elephant Fountain remain to be the fountain with realistic sculptures of elephants. There are four life-size head and limbs of four tuskers adorning the fountain.

This fountain structure is accepted as the city’s most important landmark.
Popular Museums in Chambery
Charmettes Museum
The Charmettes Museum is built in the site where the popular couple, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Madame de Warens lived from 1736 to 1742. The museum displays various artifacts and documents related to the life of the writer Jean-Jacques. The museum also houses a large garden with various medicinal herbs and orchards.

Chemin des Charmettes
Tel: 33 4 79 33 39 44

Fine Arts Museum
This is one of the finest museums in the city widely visited by students of art and paintings. The large collection of Italian paintings and art are the most important draw to the tourists. Among the exhibits, the most noted are the works from the Quattrocentro and the Renaissance period. There are several sculptures, ivory, and Chinese pieces from various French schools of art.

Place du Palais de Justice
Tel:33 4 79 33 75 03

Eureka Mountain Center Gallery
The Eureka Mountain Center Gallery displays scientific, technical, and industrial works of development over the years in France. The exhibits in the gallery include models of various scientific inventions and creations. Kids can enjoy the games and movies. The section on temporary exhibit is changed from time to time.

Place François Mitterrand
Tel: 33 4 79 60 04 25