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Shopping in Chambery

Shopping in Chambery can be a very enjoyable experience as there is a wide range of shopping centers in Chambery. Chambery is the capital city of the department of Savoie and a frontier city between France and Italy.
Shopping in Chambery
Apart from its convenient location, there are a number of travel attractions in Chambery that lure in a huge number of travelers each year. This thriving tourism industry has helped in the development of a number of shopping canters in this French city.

Travelers will get a wide range of shops and shopping malls in Chambery in France, which includes articles of daily usage and many antique pieces as well. The wide range of shops that can be found through out Chambery includes, a number of clothe shops that have formal to casual wear and all. There are also many art and craft shops in Chambery along with a number of antique auction shops at several locations. There are many shops selling books, cards, flower and mementos in Chambery that enable travelers to buy gifts for their near and dear ones. France is a highly fashionable and culturally rich country and is known for the same through out the world. Travelers will get a number of shops in Chambery that have fashionable wears. And on a thorough search they will also get shops where the prices are relatively low.


There are a number of markets that offer good experience of shopping in Chambery. Some of these markets remain open though out the week and some are open only in the weekend or weekdays. These markets include food markets, garment and other general shopping markets and offer a range of products to the travelers. Some of these markets are, Bessans, Les Allues, Ugine and many more. Chambery has a number of outdoor markets that even make the streets and markets here colorful and vibrant. Since Chambery is a city that gives access to some of the best skiing resorts in that region in Alps, there are many shops that sell hiking boots and other accessories necessary for adventure sports.