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How to Reach Chambery by Road

The city of Chambery is small and extremely beautiful town that lies in the centre of the Alps in France which overlook the Bourget Lake. The city also lies in the Savoie region in France. Hence the question as to How to Reach Chambery by Road is of utmost relevance. Some of the ways of reaching Chambery have been discussed below.
How to Reach Chambery by Road
The main roadways that lead to Chambery are as follows:

  • Via A41 in the south from Grenoble
  • Via A41 in the north from Annecy, Aix -les-Bains, and Geneva
  • Via A43 in the west from Lyon
  • Via the tunnel of Fréjus in the east from Torino in Italy

As can be understood, Chambery can be accessed from not only other parts of France but also from those in Italy and Switzerland.


The city of Chambery is served by an array of flights that travel from other Cities in France and of Europe. These flights land at the airport that lies in the north of the city and at a mere distance of 10 kilometers from the center. Among the various airlines that serve the above mentioned airports, the ones that operate on a fairly regularly regular basis are Air Southwest, Astraeus, Flybe,, Snowjet, and Sterling. To attract more and more tourists especially in the winter season, a number of flights to Chambery operate on low-cost structure.

Chambéry can also be accessed directly by railways like TGV from Paris and other trains like Train Express Regional (TER) from to all major cities and towns in this part of the world.

All these mediums of transport provide an answer to the question How to Reach Chambery. With such diverse means of transport as alternatives to railways, How to Reach Chambery by Road will no longer remain a problem.