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How to Reach Chambery by Rail

The question ‘How to Reach Chambery by Rail’ is an important one since the place is a small town located in the Savoie region in France. The town also lies in the heart of the French Alps and overlooks the Bourget Lake. Hence How to Reach Chambery by Rail is a relevant question.

The town of Chambéry can be accessed directly by TGV from Paris and other trains like Train Express Regional (TER) from all major cities and towns in this part of the world. Chambery can be reached on TGV from Paris, in approximately three and a half hours. Chambery can also be accessed easily from the cities of Lyon, Chamonix, Grenoble, Geneva in Switzerland, and Turin in Italy.

A number of flights travel from the major Cities in France and of Europe airport in Chambery. The main airlines that offer flights to Chambery are Air Southwest, Astraeus, Flybe,, Snowjet, and Sterling.


As an alternative to How to Reach Chambery,France by Rail, there are a number of roadways that link the town to other parts of France and Europe. The following are the roads that lead to Chambery from the following


  • Via A43 in the west from Lyon
  • Via A41 in the south from Grenoble
  • Via A41 in the north from Annecy, Aix -les-Bains, and Geneva
  • Via the tunnel of Fréjus in the east from Torino in Italy
Chambery can be easily explored on foot. The other way of exploring the town is by bicycles. A number of them are available for rent in front of the train station at Vélostation. The paths for bicycles run from the north of Chambery to the Lac du Bourget. Another cycle path runs towards the south of the town into the vineyards.

These diverse means of transport make the visits to the various Attractions in Chambery possible.