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How to Reach Chambery by Air

How to Reach Chambery by Air is a question that refers to the air routes that lead to this picturesque town in France. The question also gains importance due to the significance of Chambery as one of the main travel destinations among Cities in France. The town lies in the Rhone-Alpes region in France and close to the Bourget Lake.
How to Reach Chambery by Air
The airport in Chambery is situated towards the north of the city and at a distance of 10 kilometers from the city center. The airport also lies alongside the Lac du Bourget and is visited by a number of low-cost flights, especially during the winter months.

The main airlines that solve the problem of Reaching Chambery in France by Air are Air Southwest, Astraeus, Flybe,, Snowjet, and Sterling. These operators offer Flights to Chambery from various cities in France as well as from other parts of Europe. A number of cheap Chambery Flights are also available (especially in the winter season).


Owing to its small size, Chambery can be easily explored on foot. The other way of exploring the town is by bicycles. A number of them are available for rent in front of the train station at VĂ©lostation. The paths for bicycles run from the north of Chambery to the Lac du Bourget. Another cycle path runs towards the south of the town into the vineyards.

All these convenient ways of Reaching Chambery have provided a complete answer to the question of How to Reach Chambery by Air.

The town of Chambery was once the capital of Savoie region in France. One of the chief features of Chambery is that the town can be visited in any time of the year. The skiing is the major attraction of the place in winter and hiking, trekking along backpacking trails and camping in the summer season.