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Entertainment & Nightlife in Chambery

Entertainment & Nightlife in Chambery is extremely vibrant. There is a number of night clubs in Chambery that are crowded with night hoppers and party goers during night. Chambery is a beautiful frontier city at the border of France and Italy and is also the easiest gateway to Italy from France. This is also the capital of the Savoy department in France. A number of travel attractions in Chambery along with its proximity to many of the Alpine ski resorts, have made this city one of the prime travel destinations in France. In additions, the pubs and bars in Chambery in France have also imparted vivacity to the entertainment & nightlife in Chambery.

Entertainment & nightlife in Chambery can not do without a number of night clubs, bar and pubs that are available in different parts of this French city. Most of the night clubs have a wide range of entertainments and events that offer ample enjoyment and recreation to the visitors here. Some of the major night clubs in Chambery are:
  • Les Ecrins: This bar cum night club is located at 472 Rue de la Leysse, Chambery 73000, France. Visitors will be welcomed in a snug ambiance that includes a bar, dance floor and many more. Lively piano music will add to the enjoyment of the visitors.
  • Cocktail Club: This is another night club in Chambery. It is located at 18 Avenue Ducs de Savoie, Chambery 73000, France. Along with the lively discotheque with foot tapping music, travelers will get a cocktail bar here that has good collection of a wide range of beverages.

Apart from the night clubs there are a number of pubs as well in Chambery. Travelers who want a quiet corner to breathe in the lively ambiance of entertainment & nightlife in Chambery with a glass of favorite beverages, can go to any of these pubs for enjoyment. Some of these pubs here are, Cadilla'c, Bar le Soleil, Charly's Pub and many more.