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Eating Out in Chambery

Eating Out In Chambery is one of the main travel activities that the travelers in this French city would love to indulge in. Chambery is a frontier French city at the border of France and Italy. Naturally, travelers will get a taste of the influence of both these European countries along with the regional variety of cuisines that this capital of Savoie department has to offer. There are a number of restaurants in Chambery in France, where the travelers can indulge in various regional French dishes.

Eating Out In Chambery can be an experience of lifetime when taken the pleasure of the various dishes that this city in France has to offer. There are a number of hotels in Chambery which have many restaurants as well. But apart from the restaurants within the hotel, there are also a host of other restaurants that can be visited to sample some of the famous French dishes. Chambery is specially known for the Savoyard cuisines that have some special traditional recipes. Another important feature of regional dishes in this city is the usage of fresh fish from lake or river.

A number of mouthwatering dishes are available in Chambery. These local made Chambery dishes are both delicious and healthy at the same time. Travelers can enjoy the delectable crozets or fresh pasta that are made with buskwheat flour, soft wheat and eggs. Another similarly savory dish that is sure to satisfy the palate of travelers in Chambery is the Fondue Savoyade which is actually bread in melted cheezre and white wine. There are some other Savoyard dishes like, Kirsch, as well that are sure to lure the travelers back here apart from the travel attractions in Chambery.

Chambery is known for the Savoy family that has ruled here for long and has left indelible marks in all the aspects of Chambery lives including the cuisines here. Travelers can choose from a wide range of restaurants that are available in Chambery and have a mouthwatering feast of the dishes that this French city has to offer.