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Chambery Tours

The city of Chambery in France was also the capital of Savoie region in France at one time. The city is positioned in the centre of the Alps in France which overlook the Bourget Lake. The natural beauty exuded by Chambery draws innumerable tourists throughout the year towards it and thus makes it one of the perfect holiday destinations in this part of the world. Hence, Tour of France is incomplete without Chambery Tours.
Chambery Tours
The Chambery Tours offer a unique blend of viewing the marvelous scenery consisting of the snow-clad peaks of the French Alps. The town offers various adventure activities such as skiing in the winter season and hiking, camping and trekking along with backpacking trails in summer.

Tours to Chambery in France, Europe comprise of visiting the picturesque valley in the Alps. The region is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Bauges and Chartreuse and offers a distinct view of the entire range of the Alps. Chambery is also bound by Lac du Bourget or Lake Bourget which is the largest natural lake in the country.


However, the city has other attractions too which include:

  • Chateau de Chambery
  • The Elephants Fountain
  • Place du Palais de Justice
  • The museums of Charmettes, Natural History, and Savoisien
  • Mont Granier
  • Lac du Bourget
  • Cathedral de Chambery or the Chambery cathedral
  • Croix du Nivolet
  • Eureka Mountain Center Gallery
  • Place St-Leger

Moreover, Chambery is also known for its beautiful architecture and fine quality of wine. This is due to the numerous vineyards that are located in the region. The joyful local people add charm to the place. The city also has a vibrant market place where fresh cheese, meat, and other products of the locality are sold.

Thus with such importance, Chambery is one of the major Travel Destinations in France.