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The Villas of Cannes

The Villas of Cannes,Villas in Cannes,Tourist Attractions in Cannes,Sightseeing Spots in Cannes If you want to spend your much needed break in a Mediterranean resort then come to Cannes in southeastern France. Cannes stands in the south eastern edge of France with its varied beauties and glories. While you are taking a trail to the sightseeing spots in Cannes, do not miss The Villas of Cannes which reflect the social and economical status of the rich owners of these Villas. As The Villas have already occupied an important place in the list of the Tourist attractions in Cannes you should not miss these.
The Villas of Cannes
You will not be able to explore the real beauty of Cannes unless you travel to the different parts of it. Looking at the 21st century modern buildings, chic shops, swanky markets, souvenir shops do not get mesmerized as the grand villas of Cannes reflect the 19th century glory of this city. This harmony between old and new, lavishness and scarcity is the chief characteristic feature of the city of Cannes. Explore and enjoy these varieties during your Cannes Tours.

Inspired by the medieval castles and Roman villas, The Villas of Cannes were designed by many renowned architects. Two main villas of Cannes are- Villa Eléonore Louise and Villa Fiésole (or the present the Villa Domergue). The former one is one of the first great villas in Cannes which one was built between 1835 and 1839. This is the oldest residential area in Cannes known as the Quartier des Anglais. Lord Brougham was the owner of this Villas made in Italian style. Villa Fiésole is one of the beautiful villas of Cannes which reflects the idea of Jean-Gabriel Domergue and was made in the style of Fiesole, near Florence.

Addresses of The Villas of Cannes are:
i) Villa Eléonore Louise 24 avenue du Dr Picaud

ii) Villa Fiésole/Villa Domergue Avenue Fiésole in the Quartier de la Californie

So, come to Cannes and explore the real beauty of the 19th century Cannes.