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Phoenix Park

The city of Cannes in southern Europe is renowned not only for its International Film Festival but also for its spotless natural beauty. If you are tired of visiting the commercial tourist spots then come to Phoenix Park, Cannes which is one of the Tourist attractions in Cannes. You will be amazed to see a number of rare species of plants, beautiful flowers, lovely birds and exotic butterflies.

Phoenix Park which is also known as the Phoenix Botanical Gardens boasts of its greenhouse which is the largest in Europe. The tropical climate of this large green house is suitable for preservation of many unique species of floras and faunas. The spectacular surrounding of the park with streams and lush greeneries will allow you to take rest for a while on the lap of nature. Shrug off your tension and enjoy a fun-filled holiday in Phoenix Park. If you love plants and nature then you must not miss this spot while you are in Cannes Tours.

Phoenix Park at 405 Promenade des Anglais is situated near the Nice Airport on the outskirt of the city. Amongst the sightseeing spots in Cannes, Phoenix Park is the most suitable place to enjoy whole day outing with your family. Inside the Park you will find Mayan temples, a bird and insect zoo and a wide collection of butterflies. The best time to visit this Phoenix Park, Cannes is mid-April when the colorful butterflies are released for your visit. The wide spread greeneries will allow your kids to enjoy a lot. For the Botanists the Phoenix Botanical Gardens is a paradise.

The artificially controlled tropical climate of the greenhouse inside this park helps in the growth of tropical forests and that is a major attraction to the tourists. Besides this the theme park hosts an exact replica of Mayan temples with alpine streams, ginko trees, Cackatoo- a white or light colored crested parrot of the Australian region, automated dinosaurs and so on. Phoenix Park, Cannes remains open from Tuesday to Sunday during the month of April and September. The garden remains open for the visitors from 9 am to 7pm.