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Palais des Festivales

Cannes, a picturesque city is situated in southern France on the Riviera. This famous tourist destination is easily accessible from the Maritime Alps in France. Cannes not only boasts of its International Film Festival but also of its widespread beaches, glitzy hotels, numerous shopping malls. But with the Film Festivals, it becomes internationally famous tourist destination. Palais des Festivales, Cannes is one of the famous Tourist attractions in Cannes which has made Cannes internationally renowned.
Palais des Festivales
In the year 1949 the first Palais des Festivals et des Congrès was built to host the film festival in Cannes. Situated on the boulevard of La Croisette, the original building has been turned into the Hotel Noga Hilton. With the ever increasing popularity of the film festival, a new Palais des Festivales was set up in 1979 on the site of the municipal Casino. It was designed by the famous architects Bennett & Druet and was later expanded in the year 1999.

Today's Palais des Festivales in Cannes has an overall capacity of 25,000 sq mts. The 18 auditoriums with state-of-the art facilities and wonderful acoustic system, internet facilities, Wi-fi system, AV facilities are the most apt place for arranging any exhibition. These auditoriums are used for screenings, receptions, conferences, meetings, video transmissions and film shows. This is one of the famous Sightseeing Spots in Cannes which boasts of its:

  • Secretarial Services
  • Designed Office
  • Convention Management Department
  • Multilingual Staffs
  • Tight security


In order to develop the importance of Cannes amongst the global tourists and to market the business of tourism, the SEMEC (Society of Mixed Economy for the Events of the city of Cannes) was created which shoulders the responsibility of managing Palais des Festivales, Cannes. SEMEC is made up of three non-profit organizations:



  • Cannes Tourism
  • The OMACC
  • The association Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congrès


If you are planning to visit Cannes, you should take a note of the following events going to be held in the auditoriums of Palais des Festivales, Cannes:



  • Mayumana
  • Dolores Clairborne
  • La Traviata
  • Marc Jolivet
  • Irresistible
  • Choers of the red Army Ballet
  • Juliette Greco


Always something or the other attractive events are staged at Palais des Festivales, Cannes. Select according to your choice and enjoy any of these colorful events which will make your Cannes Tours more enchanting.