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Eglise Reformee de France

Cannes in south eastern France is a perfect tourist destination which is famous for its natural and man-made attractions. Every moment of your Cannes Tours will prove that “Life is a festival”. This beautiful city with its galas, regatta, and world famous Film Festival always remains vibrant. Besides this you can also explore some historical sites and religious sites amongst the Tourist attractions in Cannes. Eglise Reformee de France, Cannes is one place of religious importance to the visitors.
Eglise Reformee de France
Eglise Reformee de France, Cannes is a Protestant Church situated at Rue Notre-Dame in Cannes. Any Sunday morning in between 10.30 am and 11.30 am you can visit this church. During the Sunday service hours this Church remains open for the visitors. Though the outlook is too simple but you will be impressed by the wonderful acoustics inside the Church.

For its well developed acoustics system Eglise Reformee de France in Cannes is the most appropriate place to organize organ recitals, chamber and classical music concerts. After visiting all the varieties of interesting and exciting Sightseeing Spots in Cannes if you want serenity and tranquility, attend the Sunday morning service in Eglise Reformee de France, Cannes.

Eglise Reformee de France, Cannes is the Reformed Church of France which aims to bring unity amongst different spiritual and theological trends. This Church covers the whole of France except Alsac and Moselle which is an area in the east. The National headquarters of this reformed church is in Paris.

Eglise Reformee de France, Cannes has Theological training facility with an enriched faculty of three priests. This faculty publishes periodical magazines for the knowledge of the common people about their works and their ideals. This Church shares the responsibilities of the Lutheran Church, the French protestant Federation and in some places practises partnership with the RCath Church. It works for the eight popular regions in France. Eglise Reformee de France in Cannes is a member of the Protestant Federation of France, the World Council of Churches and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

After the 16th century Protestant movements a number of Reformed groups took birth in France and in the year 1938 they merge together and formed Eglise Reformee de France, Cannes. If you are interested to explore the history of Protestant movements in France then positively step into the famous Eglise Reformee de France, Cannes.