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Covered Market

On the coast of Mediterranean Sea, Cannes is a famous tourist spot which boasts of its beautiful promenade, the lively town La Croisette and the picturesque old port and old town. In this city old and new stand side by side, as if complementing each other.
Covered Market
Head for the glamorous city center packed with important buildings, chic shopping malls and the Covered Market and on the other side explore the old town centering round the Old port. While visiting the Tourists attractions in Cannes do not forget to visit the Covered Market, Cannes.

The main active Covered Market in Canne is "Forville" which is the main daily market for the local people. This covered area is situated two blocks north from the Hotel de Ville on Rue Félix Faure close to the Le Suquet area. Every Monday the local shopkeepers sit with the cheap and second hand articles just outside the Covered Market, Cannes. If you love flowers then visit the west end of the Covered Market.

Different parts of this Covered Market are filled with different types of shops. According to your requirement visit that section. Some of the shop corners inside this Covered Market are:
  • Garage Forville ( garages and automobile shops)
  • Brasserie Forville (café, bars, piano bars, pubs)
  • Pharmacie du Marché Forville (Pharmacies)
  • Atelier Forville (decoration florist shop)
  • Imprimerie Forville
  • Boulangerie Patisserie Forville
  • Forville Presse
  • Hôtel Chanteclair
  • Taverne Lucullus

This Covered Market offers you a wide variety of the best products to be found in the whole Cannes. Local farmers and fishermen come to this market every day in the early morning with fresh products and return homes at the day end after selling everything. Some common products they sell are- fish, olives, cheese, meat, flowers, pate, olives and much more.

Another Covered Market is Place Gambetta which is smaller in size in comparison to the previous one and is situated in the center of the square. As this place is located nearby the rail station, the local people find it within their easy reach.

There is plenty of shopping options in the heart of the city where from you can purchase clothes, jewelleries, art items and souvenirs. The Rue d'Antibes is the main street running east to west through the centre of the city which is crowded with a number of chic shops. You should not get moved by the glamour of these chic shops and forget to take a look at the Covered Market.

At the traditional set up of the Old Town, the Covered Market is the essence of French life. So do not miss this market which is one of the famous sightseeing spots in Cannes.