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Castre Museum

Cannes in south eastern end of France is a picturesque country where the old and the new stand side by side. On the one hand you will be surprised to see the chic shops, luxury hotels and high rising buildings and on the other hand you will find completely contrasting view of the Old Town and the Old Port. Castre Museum, Cannes situated on the hill top of Le Suquet is one of the key Tourist attractions in Cannes. If you plan your next escape to Cannes, do not miss to visit this interesting and historical attraction of Cannes.

The Castre Museum is located in the Castre Tower which was a part of the Cannes castle. In the 11th century this castle was built by the monks to protect the then small hamlet of Cannes from the outsiders’ attack. This castle is the original site of the Castre Museum which is today’s major attraction.

From the Old Town of Cannes you can easily gain access to this Museum located on the top of the hills. The immense beauty of the Mother Nature will energize you to climb up the steep cliff of Rue de Suquet. Then follow the Avenue de la Tour and stop in the front of the Place de la Castre to discover the Castre Tower. It is really amazing to look down to the views of Cannes, the Old Town and the port surrounded by the bay.

Castre Museum in Cannes proudly displays a number of valuable paintings of the 18th and 19th century artists. The fine strokes of the artists have created magic with the images of Cannes under rosy skies, colorful wooden fishing boats, the beautiful sea beaches lined by palm trees and the maidens with gorgeous dresses.

You will come to know more about the city and its culture and natural beauty from these fine paintings. Castre Museum, Cannes also holds many archaeological and ethnologic items from around the world and particularly from Cannes and Provence for your visit. There is a collection of 200 musical instruments and antiques from Middle East and Mediterranean. While you are visiting the Sightseeing spots in Cannes preserve time for this museum. For your ease guided tours in English are available. Contact them and reach the Castre Museum, Cannes which address is provided below: