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How to Reach Cannes by Road

How to Reach Cannes by Road,Cannes Tours,Coach Station in Cannes,Bus Services in Cannes Every year during Summer season, Cannes hosts the International Film festival which is the main attraction to the foreigners. Else this Cannes is famous for its shining beaches, historical sites, hottest tourist spots and spots of entertainments. If you plan for Cannes Tours, you will never feel any problem as this city boasts of its well developed transportation system.
How to Reach Cannes by Road
Cannes comes under the Côte d'Azur region and is well connected with different major cities of France and abroad by European network of motorways. If you love long drives you must know how to reach Cannes by Road.

The regional coach services operate from two domestic coach stations which are located in the heart of the city. But the international passengers stop at the Gare Routière de Nice which is only half an hour drive from Cannes. All the international coach services follow the A8 Estérel motorway to reach Cannes. If you can connect Paris from your hometown then within 8 hours you will reach Nice and from there follow Exit 42 to reach Cannes. Before knowing how to reach Cannes by Road you must know the bus companies supporting international bus services are: · Agence Phoceens · Eurolines

The main domestic coach station of Cannes is at Cornut-Gentille and the other is at de l'Hôtel de Ville. The regional bus services in Cannes are served by the following companies:

  • Rapides Côte d'Azur ( buses ply between Cannes to Nice)
  • CTM Cannes La Bocca ( buses ply between Cannes to Grasses & Mandelieu)
If you have a fascination towards long drive you may follow the N98 road which connects Nice to Italy via Cannes and Monaco. You can avail of RafelBus service which supports the route from St. Raphael to Le Trayas. From Boulouris, Cap du Dramont, Agay and Le Trayas you can reach Cannes easily with this bus service.

Alpes-Maritimes Bus Services operate different regional buses in and around Cannes. Some of these that are worth a mention are:
  • Nice Airport Busses & Shuttles
  • Envibus
RCA Transport
  • Bus Azur
  • Ligne d'Azur
  • Sillages STGA
As the bus services in Cannes is much more affordable many global tourists try to follow this route. So, preplan your Cannes Tours and reach Cannes either by road, rail or air.