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How to Reach Cannes by Rail

Even 150 years back, it was impossible to imagine that a small fishing village like Cannes will evolve into a vibrant and busy modern city. Cannes is mainly famous for its International Film Festival held every year on the month of May. This is the time when this city welcomes a number of foreigners.
How to Reach Cannes by Rail
Besides this, round the year the tourists come to Cannes and explore the natural beauty of this Mediterranean resort. As Cannes is well connected by rail routes with difference major cities in France and across Europe, the tourists hardly face any problem. If you want to complete Cannes Tours within your budget you should know How to Reach Cannes by Rail.

The high-speed international trains follow the Marseille-Nice railway line and connect Cannes with the following destinations:

  • Milan (5hours)
  • Brussels (6 hours 30 mins)
  • Paris (7 hours)
  • Basel(10 hours 30 min)
  • Rome (10 hours)
  • Venice (10 hours)

In the summer season, you can get daily four trains to Cannes from the above mentioned destinations whereas in winter it drops down to two. The western rail services run via Lyon to Paris and the southeastern services take you to Italy. As this route connects all the coastal town you will definitely enjoy a spectacular trackside view on your way to Cannes.

Some of the international trains serving Cannes are:

  • TEE(the Trans-Europe Express)
  • TGV (high-speed trains)
  • Trains Bleus (the Paris-Nice-Ventimiglia Express)

With the introduction of TGV high speed trains you can travel from Paris to Nice within 5 hrs 30 mins which is really amazing! And once you are in Nice it's too easy to connect to Cannes. Before booking your rail ticket know how to reach Cannes by rail and then preplan your Cannes Tours.

Cannes boasts of its regional and national rail services which operate from Cannes Ville station. The rail heads situated at Jean-Jaurès and Pierre Semard make your intercity rail journey hassle free. Each of these rail stations in Cannes provides wonderful facilities to the passengers like bakery, bar, snack bar, tourist information office and car parking.

Another charming rail route to reach Cannes is Digne to Nice. If you are adventurous and have plenty of time in your hand, then sit casually in any Nice bound Train des Pignes which will cross river bridges, steep mountain valleys on its way. The spectacular view will shrug off the tiredness of your journey. This train connects Mézel, St. André-les-Alpes, Thorame-Haute, Méailles, le Fugeret, Annot, Entrevaux, Puget-Théniers, Touët-sur-Var, Villars, Plan-du-Var, St. Martin-du-Var and Nice. If you want to include skiing and different mountain visits in your Cannes Tours then follow Nice-Breil-Tende-Cuneo railway line.

So, avail of any of these rail routes according to your convenience and enjoy a wonderful, thrilling rail journey to Cannes.