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On one of your Tours from Cannes, visit the medieval village of Mougins which is one of the most beautiful and attractive villages on the Côte d'Azur. Mougins, France lies only 6 kilometers from the city of Cannes, surrounded by forests, and offering a panoramic view of the "baie de Cannes", the Lérins islands, Grasse and the "Préalpes". Set amongst pines, olives and cyprus trees, this village will take your breath away as you set foot in it.
The village paints a pretty picture with its narrow, winding roads, bordered by the colorful flowers and beautiful quaint houses. Mougins, France is a hot favorite of the tourists in the summer months. The village has carefully restored French architecture which is a delight for the eyes. The village seduces you with its harmony of scenery, color and light quality, and many famous artists and celebrities have fallen prey to the enticement of this medieval village. Cocteau, Churchill and Christian Dior have lived in Mougins, and Pablo Picasso lived here for the last fifteen years of his life.

Mougins carves a place for itself in one's list of Excursions from Cannes, France with its medieval beauty and an old village look. It is situated only ten kilometers from Grasse, a town known as the perfume capital of the world. You could drive down or travel by a bus to Grasse. There is a frequent Bus service between Grasse and Cannes that passes through Mougins.

As you spend a lazy day, ambling around in the little streets of Mougins, France, take in the spectacular views of the French Riviera, visit the Museum of Photography, and the various art galleries in town. You could also follow the pleasant trails in the forests where you could go hiking. There is a pond in the park by the Notre Dame de Vie, where Picasso spent his last years, and you could watch the ducks and other water birds which live there. There is also a golf court and swimming pool nearby.

Having been the cynosure of many an artist's eye, providing peace and quiet from the maddening crowds of the neighboring cities like Cannes, Mougins is definitely one of the Places to visit in Cannes. Get a taste of an idyllic town of the French Rieviera at Mougins, France.