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Antibes is a resort town in the French Riviera in the Côte d'Azur located between Cannes and Nice. The Greeks colonized this place over 2000 years ago as the jewel of the Côte d'Azur. It was taken over by the Roman empire shortly afterwards, and after the fall of the Roman Empire, Antibes, France became a target of pirates and raiders. During the 1880's the first tourists started exploring the beauty of this beach city and it became a haven for artists like Picasso and Nicolas de Stael.
Getting to Antibes from Cannes is easy as both Antibes and the adjacent town of Juan les Pins are connected by train stations on the main Nice-Cannes line. You could also drive down to Antibes, France along the coastal roads from Cannes. Summer is the peak season for tourists visiting this picturesque beach town, so expect traffic jams on these roads.

Antibes should feature on one of your Excursions from Cannes, as this city offers beautiful views and great, white sandy beaches that make for a perfect holiday. The 25 kilometer coastline of this pretty little town has 48 beaches covering the shores of Antibes and Juan Les Pins. There are small family beaches perfect for families with children, and sporting beaches where a variety of popular water sports are played. Long beaches with fine golden sands are also there for people who want a good tan. The main public beach is La Salis, on the edge of the Cap d'Antibes. If you decide to spend your day at a private beach, rent a mattress for the day.

Antibes, France has beautiful museums which are worth seeing. The La Tour Museum has an exhibit of costumes, tools, photographs and other objects used by local people, and brings contemporary history beautifully to life.

Juan Les Pins, the adjacent town of Antibes, should feature in one of your Tours from Cannes. It is most famous for its nightlife in the Antibes area. The most fashionable nightclubs and pubs are concentrated in this area, and they remain open late into the night catering to the partying crowd. There are world class casinos in this area and during the summer months a number of music concerts and fireworks are held outdoors.

Cannes and its adjacent towns are known for their exuberant festivals all the year round, and you cannot miss the exciting events held regularly in Antibes, France.

The city of glitz and glamor, Cannes, where partying is the way of life, caught tourists' fancy way back in the 1880's and the popularity of the city has never since diminished. Antibes, its adjacent beach town, welcomes its visitors with its attractive beaches and beautiful sceneries. Antibes is definitely one of the places to visit from Cannes.