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Excursions from Cannes

The French city of glitz and glamour is synonymous to fun and frolic. In addition to the film festival, Cannes is host to numerous shows, trade fairs and exhibitions throughout the year. The beaches and the little towns offer great sights to the onlookers. The harbor and the hill west of Le Suquet port provide panoramic beauty of this city and its beaches. The Tourist attractions in Cannes,France are plenty and Excursions from Cannes will take you to the old town, Palais de Festivales, port, Croisette, and Iles de Lerins.
Excursions from Cannes
Iles de Lerins: There are two islands in the bay which are worth visiting. Lying at a distance of 20 minutes' boat ride from the old port, the islands are worth visiting for the scenic beauty and the swimming and diving opportunities they provide. The smaller of the two has a monastery and a ruined castle. The monks there sell monastery made food and drink products like wine, which you could collect as souvenirs. The larger island is Ste Marguerite. A tranquil little island, it is only 3.25 kilometers wide. The Man in the Iron Mask was incarcerated in the fort during the 17th century. The identity of the person remains a mystery till date. On your Excursions from Cannes, this place is not be missed.

Palais de Festivales: Venue of the famous annual international film festival, this building is definitely one of the Places to see in Cannes. The current building was built on the site of the municipal casino, and was opened in 1982. The huge building is now used for exhibitions, screenings, shows, receptions and conferences.

The Vieux Port or the old port is in the center of the town, bordered by the Marine railway station and the Allees de la Liberte where the morning flower market is held. Laze around in this old port and soak in the beauty of the place or go boating here.

Le Croisette: Running along the seashore and the beaches for several kilometers, this beautifully decorated promenade is a favorite spot for the locals and the visitors. On one side is the Mediterranean and the Lerins islands off the coast and on the other are palm trees, elegant hotels and fashionable boutiques. Created during the 19th century, this beautiful sidewalk is an ideal place to stroll around while taking in the magnificence of the Mediterranean.

The Places to see in Cannes are varied and plenty. So put your worries regarding Where to go in Cannes aside and stroll on the beaches, or take a boat ride from the old port. Visit the old town and take in its panoramic views. Your Excursions from Cannes are bound to be exciting and eventful.