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Entertainment & Nightlife in Cannes

Soaked by the Mediterranean sun and sea, celebrating the festive spirit is the way of life in Cannes. The local landscape is dotted with palm trees and white beaches adorn the coasts of this glitzy city. After enjoying a day at the local beach, soaking in the mild Mediterranean sun, venture out to explore the heady and sinful nightlife in Cannes after Dark. As elsewhere on the Côte d'Azur, Casinos rule the Entertainment & Nightlife in Cannes and you could go on a spending spree in one of the world class casinos, or dance the night away in one of the bars and pubs in Cannes.
Entertainment & Nightlife in Cannes
There is a large number of bars, casinos, pubs and clubs to choose from, after a lazy day at the sun-kissed beaches of this beautiful city. Entertainment & Nightlife in Cannes might be pleasure, but it is a business taken seriously by the tourists in the city. The streets are abuzz at night with people determined to have an exciting night. The areas around La Croisette along la rue du Dr Monod and la rue Saint Antoine in Le Suquet are teeming with people as the night grows old.

A typical Night out at Cannes, France starts with a dinner at one of the restaurants in the city and hitting one of the nightclubs to dance the night away. The nightclubs are large in number and belt out varied kinds of music which cater to different tastes of their clientele.

While Partying in Cannes, remember that some of the Casinos prefer their guests to be dressed properly in evening attire, though there are places which accept guests even in jeans. The restaurant-bars serve drinks until about 0200 and the casinos remain open till about 0400. The discos and nightclubs serve their guests till around 5 in the morning before closing shop. The legal drinking age in France is 16 years and the standard price of a drink is around 3 Euros, though the prices rise dramatically during tourist seasons and key festivals.

For tourists with a different taste in entertainment, there are a handful of museums in the city. A number of art galleries and local cinema houses cater to the more culturally inclined. With the tourists spoilt for choice, Entertainment and Nightlife in Cannes rocks.