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Eating Out in Cannes

Cannes before the 19th century was nothing more than a simple Mediterranean fishing village. Lord Brougham arrived in 1834, and fell in love with the town's warm winter climate. He decided to live here, a path followed by British and Russian aristocrats later on. That was the beginning of the fame and fortune that the city enjoys even to this day. The prestigious Film Festival that was started in 1946 put it on the map of the world's glitz and glamor. Every year hundreds of tourists visit this city also known for its gastronomical delights and Eating out in Cannes is a ritual in itself with the restaurants serving mouth watering dishes.
Eating Out in Cannes
Cannes is a cosmopolitan town and it is difficult to find a genuine native in this city of Côte d'Azur. Similarly, the culinary delights found in this city are as varied as the people living in this city. You'd find an exciting mix of Italian, Creole, Armenian, American, Greek and Mexican variations on offer. Restaurants in Cannes,France, also serve the traditional gastronomical fare with equal elan. Dig into the specialties such as Salade Niçoise (mixed salad with tuna, egg, anchovies, potatoes), socca (chickpea pancake) and mesclum (a mixture of green salad leaves), pissaladière (onion tart with anchovies), pan bagnat (a roll filled with tuna, salad and olive oil). A popular dessert is tarte aucitron (lemon custard tart).

Cannes has a wide choice of fish and sea food restaurants for people who love fish. For Dining at Cannes you have a wide variety of choices, as diverse as the variety of restaurants. The French consider dining an important event of the day and people are generally well dressed while Eating out in Cannes. Most places expect a presentable appearance and the formal restaurants expect you to be dressed formally. The menu prices include a service tip, though a tip of approximately 5% of the bill is expected for good service.

You do not have to worry about dressing formally though, if you are eating at one of the beach side Eateries in Cannes. Beachwear is accepted in the cafes and bars.

Well known for the spicy red wines of the southern Rhone area, Bars in Cannes also serve heady wines and a range of lighter, fruity whites and rosés. With an array of restaurants, cafes and bars, your experience of Eating out in Cannes is surely going to be delectable.