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Calais Tourist Attractions

Calais is situated in the Nord pas de Calsis region of France. The region lies very close to the English Channel and is connected by ferry service. The city is popular among day tourists as they want to avail the ferry service. The shopping market in Calais would also make your visit worthwhile.

About Calais tourist attractions
The town of Calais is dotted with interesting sights, various places to visit, and cultural attractions. Some of the noted Calais tourist attractions include the famous War Museum, citadel La Forteresse de Mimoyecques, and the Watchtower.

There are other ancient sites and charming buildings that tourists can expore through walking tours. Calais-Nord is the Old Town and comprises of the Rue Royale and Place d’ Armes.

War Museum
The War Museum is located opposite to the City Hall in the Old Town region. The War Museum is surrounded by a park. The locals also call War Museum as the Muse de la Guerra. The main highlight of the museum is the memorabilia of World War II. There are also interactive displays, models, and exhibits related to that era.

La Forteresse de Mimoyecques
The fortress is worth visiting if you want to explore its maze of tunnels and secret chambers easily accessible from all side of the hill. It stands as a historic site in the town. Brother of former president John F Kennedy was killed here during an air raid in 1944. The underground chambers of the La Forteresse de Mimoyecques houses the V2 rocket launchers used during World War II. These rockets were shot across the Channel from this area.

The Blockhaus and La Coupole
These are two other popular fortresses in Calais famous for being the lainch stations of V2 rockets during the Second World War. Tourists can still see the nuclear oxygen plant and the launch sites with the fortresses.

The Watchtower was built during the 13th century and survived the destruction of the World War II. The tower is part of the Place d Armes, an attraction in Old Town Calais. This watchtower would help located enemies from a distance of several miles. You can also visit the lighthouse that dates back to 1848.

Muse des Beaux Arts et de la Dentelle
A museum completely dedicated to fine arts is a host to number of permanent and temporary exhibits. The displays at the museum feature many sculptures, watercolor paintings, and other art works. There is also a section on clothing, accessories, and other fashion items.

Church of Notre Dame
The Church of Notre Dame is located very close to the Muse des Beaux Arts. You can just take a walking tour from this place to reach the church. The church is famous for being the wedding venue of Charles de Gaulle and Yvonne Vendroux in 1921. The church built during the English occupation is a symbol of Gothic style architecture.