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Calais Tours

Calais is located in Northern France. From Calais you see the Strait of Dover which is considered to be the narrowest point in the English Channel.Calais Tours are always refreshing because it has some good locales and it also acts as a gateway to visit other destinations. It is one of the rare places from where you can see the White Cliffs of Dover. One of the distinctive structures in Calais which is worth a visit is Hotel de Ville which has been based on a Flemish Renaissance Style. As you step in to the city on Tours to Calais you find the statue of Burghers of Calais which has been built by the famed Auguste Rodin.

On Calais Tours you visit the German wartime military headquarters which has now been turned into a museum. The museum is located in a small park and is widely visited. Tours at Calais is something to be remembered over a long period of time because you can easily access the picturesque cliff lined section of coast called the Cote d'Opale.

During the Calais Tours you can also visit the Town Hall which was built in 1925. There is a 75 meters high tower in the Town Hall which enthralls the tourists. There is a stylized fa├žade at the Town Hall where you find a blending of the Flemmish Style with the Renaissance Style. It is also a good experience to visit the Church of Notre Dame where you find architecture of the Tudor Style.

Calais is one of the Cities in France where you find the Fort Risban which is based on "la Tour de Lancaste" one of the English towers belonging to the XVIth century. Nothing can be better than visiting the Calais Lighthouse which dates back to 1848. You can get a panoramic view of nearly 64 meters from the lighthouse.

Another place worth visiting is Theatre situated at the Place Albert 1er. The theatre was designed by Malgras and was inaugurated in 1905. To help you in your stay at the city there are some good restaurants as well.