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St. Etienne Church

St. Etienne Church Caen,Tourist Attractions in Caen, France,Medieval Churches in Caen,Chateau de Caen St. Etienne Church Caen is one of the medieval attractions in Caen. There are a number of tourist attractions in Caen, France, including a number of historical sights. The famous castle Chateau de Caen and a number of medieval churches in Caen are one of the major travel spots in this French city that still bewitch the visitors with their grand ornamentations and styles.

St. Etienne Church Caen was built by William the Conquerer in the year 1066. Behind the construction of this medieval church there is an interesting story. This church was built in a process of repentance on part of William as he married his own cousin Matilda of Flanders against the rule of Pope. A sister church was also built and was donated by the name of William's wife, Matilda. This is the church Eglise de la St. Trinite. Both these churches were donated to the Pope.

St. Etienne Church Caen is an abbey church built in the impressive Norman Romanesque style. For the abbey attached to the church, it is also called the Abbaye-aux-Hommes. The abbey buildings are in the southern part of this church. These buildings were almost destroyed by the ravages of time but now are restored. For a long time these buildings were used by a famous school, named the Lycee Malherbe but now it houses the Town Hall.

St. Etienne Church Caen has most impressive interior decoration. The choir and the towers of this church were constructed in the Gothic style. In this church there is the tomb of William the Conquerer. In front of the altar in the church there is a stone that marks the tomb of this great king. During the Normandy landings, this church extended its shelter as a refuge to the local people. Both this church and its sister church, the La Trinite, escaped from the damage of the World War II. During the war, a cross with a blood drenched piece of cloth used to indicate the church building as a hospital.

A visit to Caen should include trip to this church as it is associated with the history of this French city and makes for an amazing travel spot.