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Abbaye aux Hommes

Abbaye aux Hommes, Caen,Abbaye aux Hommes in Normandy,Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen, France,Abbaye aux Hommes in Normandy in France. It was in the 10th and 11th centuries that the city of Caen first became important under the Norman dukes and was made the capital of lower Normandy under the rule of William I. William I better known as William the Conqueror, and his wife Matilda founded two monastic communities in Caen- the Abbaye-aux-Hommes was for men and was dedicated to St. Stephen and the Abbaye-aux-Dames was established for women.
The Abbaye aux Hommes in Normandy besides being an important tourist attraction and a major historical and religious landmark is also an excellent example of Norman Romanesque architecture.

Buttresses run the height of the grand façade of the Abbaye aux Hommes in Normandy in France and break the wall into three bays just as the small string courses divide the front horizontally and mark internal stories. The tall towers of the facade are Gothic adages quite evident from their architectural styles. The crossing towers on the east of the Abbaye aux Hommes in Caen, France that are visible from a distance and are in many ways the signature of the church and were added to the church in the 13th century. The groin vaulted aisles and galleries that constitute the nave were added to the church in the 12th century, before which the aisle was made of wood.

The Abbaye aux Hommes, Caen was donated by William the Conqueror and his wife, Matilda of Flanders, as a penalty for their marriage against the Pope's ruling. William th4e conqueror was buried at the Abbaye aux Hommes, Caen and his wife Matilda was buried in the Abbaye aux Dames- the monastery for women. From 1804 to 1961, the Abbey remained a prestigious high school named the Lycée Malberbe. During the Normandy Landings, inhabitants of Caen took shelter in the Church. The Abbaye aux Hommes in Normandy in France is now one of the most important tourist attractions in Caen and is popularly visited by tourists who come on Caen tours.