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Shopping in Caen

Touring in Caen remains incomplete without Shopping in Caen. Caen has a lot to offer to the tourists in terms of material goods. There are many shopping areas in the city where tourists should go to get some authentic and exclusive stuff from Caen. Caen has it all, from a departmental store to a small local market.
Shopping in Caen
There are many boutiques which are situated in the shopping areas of the city. Boulevard du Maréchal-Leclerc, rue St-Pierre, and rue de Strasbourg are among some of the very famous boutiques. Tourists who are interested in buying some antique pieces should visit the shops that are situated along rue Ecuyère and rue Commerçantes. For tourists who have a great knack for antiques must make it a point to visit the show at the Parc aux Expositions which is held at rue Joseph-Philippon in late November, every year. Things that are brought from these places make an excellent buy and are worth the price. These articles also make good souvenir gifts for the near and dear ones of the tourists.

One can also buy pottery, ciders, faïence, and decorative plates from the handicrafts stores. There are also some markets at St-Sauveur, which takes place every week on Friday morning and also at Courtonne, which takes place on every Sunday morning, and specialize in selling secondhand articles.

Food products are also sold at the market place at some grocery stores or shops that specialize in jam, jellies, chocolates etc.

With the information given above, tourists will be at an ease to think about what to buy in Caen. There are numerous things worth shopping in Caen. Only the things that tourists need to know is that, they should buy things from authentic places where they will undergo the least chance of drudgery and ending up buying fake goods. Tourists should also check the price of an item at different places to get an idea as to what is the actual cost of the particular item.