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How to Reach Caen by Road

A history and architecture lovers' haven, Caen is an important stopover for tourists and holds immense significance in the history of Normandy. The Battle for Caen in 1944 is an important landmark in the Battle of Normandy where the Allied Forces and the Germans fought during the Second World War. If you are wondering How to Reach Caen by Road, there are plenty of options since Caen is connected to an extensive network of roads.

Caen has a recently built, guided bus system built by Bombardier Transportation and a very efficient network of city buses that are operated under the name Twisto. However, this project was highly objected to by the local populace who were in favor of a tramway rather than a bus service. The Caen city is also connected to the rest of the Calvados department by the bus network known as Bus Verts du Calvados.

In case you are wondering how to reach Caen by road from other cities in France, you need not worry because Caen is connected to the rest of France by motorways to Paris (A13), Brittany (A84) and soon to Le Mans (A28). While the A84 is a toll-free motorway the A13 is a toll road. The city is also encircled by the N814 ring-road that was completed in the late 1990s.

The N13 connects Caen to Cherbourg and Paris and makes reaching Caen by road from these two cities an easy job. The A13/N814 ring-road includes an impressive viaduct or bypass known as the Viaduc de Calix that goes over the River Orne and the canal that links the city to the sea. With all the information of how to reach Caen by road, undertaking Caen tours should be an easy job for you.