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How to Reach Caen by Rail

Caen is the largest city in Normandy in France and is well known for its castles, abbeys and the overall atmosphere of medieval history that prevails in the city. Caen tours are particularly popular among lovers of classical architecture. For those who intend to embark on Caen tours, you must know how to reach Caen. If you are approaching Caen from a city in France you must known How to Reach Caen by Rail.

The railway network in Caen once used to be a thriving transport system but at present just a fraction of what it used to be remains. Caen also had several main and branch railway lines that linked the Caen railway station to all parts of Normandy with lines connecting Paris, Vire, Cabourg, Houlgate, Flers, Deauville, Saint-Lo, Bayeux and Cherbourg.

However, at present only the electrified train line connecting Paris to Cherbourg, the Caen-Le Mans and Caen-Rennes exist and offer minimal services. The station is largely an intercity station; however, quite a few regional Caen trains also pass the station.

The Gare Principale is the main railway station for the town of Lisieux and was built by CF de l'Ouest- a private French railway company in 1855. The station is built in a Y shape and is situated on the Ligne Paris-Caen main line from Paris to Caen the station also serves the Trouville-Deauville line. Earlier, Saint Martin used to be the main station on the CF Caen-Mer line and the terminus for trains from Courseulles and Luc-sur-Mer. If you want to know how to reach Caen by rail, you have to use this station.

The Gare Principlale station and line opened on 30 June 1875, with a branch line linking it to the CF de l'Ouest opened on 12 September 1877. The station was closed in 1951, after remaining closed during 1945, after World War II and an extensive utilization for transporting military supplies.