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Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel can be easily visited on an excursion from Caen. Mont Saint-Michel is a rocky tidal island situated in Normandy and at a distance of one kilometer from the north coast of France at the mouth of the Couesnon River.
Mont Saint-Michel
Mont Saint-Michel was formed in the prehistoric times. During that time the bay was a piece of land. With the rise in the sea level, erosion shaped the coastal landscape. Several blocks of granite emerged in the bay which has resisted the erosion better than the surrounding rocks. The existing bay includes Lillemer, the Mont-Dol, Tombelaine and Mont Tombe. Later, they were together called Mont Saint-Michel.

Mont Saint-Michel in France in Europe was connected to the mainland by a thin natural land bridge, which got covered at a high tide and got revealed during the low tide. Thus, Mont Saint Michel gained a mystical quality of a tidal island.

Tourists while on a trip to the Mont Saint-Michel Island must visit the Benedictine abbey. This monastic buildings date back to the 13th century and are considered grand examples of Gothic architecture. The entire islet stands magnificently with the abbey church, which is situated at an altitude of about 73 m above the sea level.

The buildings of Mont St. Michel are constructed of granite, with some limestone in the cloister. Mont Saint-Michel was built on a strong rock that is 84 meters in height. It is made up of pure granite and is hard enough which has resisted the passage of time. Mont Saint Michel was originally built as a medieval castle with two large towers to defend the entrance to the castle. St. Michael stands as a surety for freedom and with this status it became a symbol of the allied landing in Normandy during the Second World War. Mont Michel Tour gives a deeper insight into the geographical features and the history of the bay.