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Eating Out in Caen

Eating Out in Caen can prove to be a superb gastronomical tour. France is a country that has a rich tradition of varieties of cuisines that are at once mouthwatering and delightful. The various regions in this country have several innovative and special cuisines that add to the exceptional variety of a number of delectable dishes. Caen, which is a city in the northwestern part of France and is a part of the lower Normandy region, has its own special dishes as well.

Eating Out in Caen in the restaurants of this city is really enjoyable as both the dishes and surroundings in which the dishes are offered have a touch of French hospitality and traditions. There are a number of regional dishes in Caen that are available in many restaurants in Caen in France. In the Normandy region in France the usage of butter and pork in almost every dish, has set apart the dishes of this region as very special. There are a number of regional dishes in the Normandy region of France that are available in Caen as well like the apple tart named as Tarte Normande, Matelote which is fish when stewed in cider and many others.

Eating Out in Caen is all the more enjoyable when you venture out to tour the famous gastronomical areas in Caen. There are two main areas where different types of restaurants are available to take the visitors on a remarkable gastronomical tour.

The Vaugueux is one of these two areas where visitors will be welcomed in a number of restaurants that serve not only regional French dishes but also continental dishes. The other area is Rue de Geole which has a number of restaurants by the roadside and offers a wide range of excellent traditional dishes.

Take a tour through the several parts of Caen to decide for yourself Where to eat in Caen. Visit the famous eateries in particular areas well known for a multiple choice of restaurants and experience the mouthwatering traditional French dishes to make the Caen tour all the more enjoyable and remarkable.